Why choose a Mortgage Broker?

You have more choice before making your final decision.
The biggest advantage of choosing a broker over a bank is choice. While a banker only has access to one bank’s products, at GMD Finance we have access to 27 lenders with 100-plus products available. We pride ourselves on our high level of product knowledge and work confidently knowing that we will find the most suitable product for each individual client.

Sit back and relax while we do the work.

Clients can rest assured that GMD Finance manages the whole home loan application process from the initial enquiry to the settlement of the loan. This relieves clients of the stress associated with dealing with lenders, and ensures a more positive experience.

We’ve Got Your Back

GMD Finance provides all clients with ongoing support, even after the loan application is approved and finalised. Clients can have piece of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring the market and comparing it to your current loan and lender. This ensures that you are always provided with the most current and suitable solution for your circumstances.

No Obligation Service

For most customers, our service is obligation free. Whether a new customer chooses to use us or not, GMD Finance will offer a review of their current situation, with no obligation.