Emerging businesses need GMD accounting & solutions.

We are experts in accounting & technology. More than that, it is our focus to play an integral role in your success and growth by assisting you with the achievement of your business, financial and personal goals. From tax compliance and accounting essentials to business planning, start-up mentoring, property investment and Xero training, we’re here to help you emerge. Together. We Grow.

Why Choose Us?

A hands-on approach for a customised result, we focus on building a genuine relationship and make sure we get the best outcome for you. Shaping your future is our core value

– Wealth of experience from city accounting firms.

– Engaging accountants.

– Fixed Fee Quotation.

– Relationship driven.

– Technology and Innovation

– Personal Service

– Continuously educated

– Accountants for life.

– Quality and Privacy.

– Our success is measured by your growth


Tax & Accounting

As registered Tax agents, we can manage all of your annual, quarterly & monthly lodgement requirements and planning, from a personal tax return to large business tax requirements.

At GMD Accounting and Advisory, we pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to generate the best outcome for you. We keep you informed throughout the year to ensure that you remain in the best possible position as the end of financial year rolls around.


Our Bookkeeping solutions are at the forefront of innovation and automation in the sector.

We encourage you to embrace our GMD bookkeeping services to ensure your business is equipped in the latest cloud bookkeeping and accounting technologies. The technology available to you now revolutionises old inefficient processes so your business can leverage off for the significant and cost

saving efficiencies, improved and immediate financial reporting necessary to drive higher margins, profit and business growth.

Ensuring you have efficient bookkeeping not only ensures that you have a clear understanding of your business’ position but allows us to perform valuable data analysis and develop key insights and business strategy.

At GMD Accounting, we are experienced bookkeepers equipped with the latest in innovative bookkeeping solutions to take care of all your bookkeeping and compliance whilst driving your business growth.

As specialists in cloud accounting, we’ll get you fully trained up and set up in Xero and any additional software or add-ons you need to streamline your business’s bookkeeping. Plus you’ll have all the support at hand, when you need it. Our success is measured by the progress you make towards achieving business, financial and personal goals

Business Advisory

Speak to us and you’ll find a group of open and direct professionals with an approach based on trust and working with you all year round. This is about a partnership and we measure our success by the progress you make towards achieving business, finance and personal goals.

Business Set up & Structuring

At GMD Accounting & Advisory our team of accountants will set you up with the right structure for your business from the get go! We understand the importance of being correctly setup from the beginning. Our understanding of your business, goals and strategic direction gives us the insight we need to ensure you have the best structure. This structure will align with your vision and allow a strong and strategic foundation from which you can emerge, grow and succeed.

There are a variety of options and understanding them and what they offer your business is essential. That’s where we come in. We do the work with you to ensure you understand your options and why one structure may be more favourable than another for your circumstance. Alternatively, it may be a combination of a few structures that works best for you. Every bit of advice is tailored for your business needs.

Cloud Accounting

Technology is revolutionising every industry, including accounting. The major driver of this change is cloud computing which is enabling not only companies, but their accountants with better and faster access to business intelligence that they can then use to advise clients.

Cloud computing allows a company to access applications from a range of expert industry leading providers at a very low entry cost level.

With the introduction of online accounting software we can now access the client information on-line in real time. This has made the accounts preparation process more timely and efficient, as well as opening up access to more up-to-date and detailed business information.

Talk to your advisor about the Cloud Computing options that are available and most relevant for your business, and how you can maximise any investment you make in this new technology.

– Take a fresh look at how you and your business use technology.

– Using the technology available will result in more efficient and timely preparation of financial information.

– Your accountant can become a better business advisor with access to real time information.